Our History

McKinnon's has been part of the commercial landscape of the Atherton Tableland for the best part of sixty years.

After World War II Reg McAuliffe started to provide accounting and taxation services as well as real estate and life insurance services.  Angus McKinnon came to work in the business and eventually established the business name of AM McKinnon & Co.  It was at one stage located in the building where McAuliffe's Mensland is today.  During 1970, John Wood, came from Sydney to work for the firm.  John continues to work with us on a part time basis.

  • In 1974, AM McKinnon & Co moved across the road to 27 Main Street, next door to the Superstar Cafe. The firm shared a building with the barber, Tim Carr, who occupied the street front shop. In 1975, Frank Matthew bought the practice, and Angus McKinnon contined to work for a while in the business.  During the 1980's McKinnon and Co operated a Metropolitan Building Society (later Metway Bank) agency.
  • In 1991, Joe Hill bought a half interest from Frank, converting the practice to a partnership.  Then by 2000, following the introduction of GST, the demand for larger premises resulted in the relocation to 29a Mabel Street. It was at this time that the partnership was converted to its current structure of a limited liability company, known as McKinnon and Co Accountants Pty Ltd.
  • Philippa Whitting, who had originally started in the office in 1983 bought Frank's interest in July 2002.   Frank has continued to work in the practice as an accountant.

  • John Wood retired from the practice in September 2016 

  • In November 2016 the Practice moved down the road to 1 Vernon Street. 

The firm has a wide spread client base, we service the Far North Queensland area, taking in the Tablelands, Georgetown, Croydon, Normanton and Cape York region, as well as clients in the Cairns and Coastal areas.  We have serviced the mining town of Collinsville since 1957.

The firm has grown from a sole practitioner firm to a larger practice employing eight qualified accountants, and five support staff. Our service culture and style have been shaped by the custodians of the firm over the decades, who have always strived to provide for each client a complete professional service.

McKinnon & Co is a CPA practice
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